Sunday, May 7, 2017

Being Human

     This is a collection of poems created to showcase the progression through life and realising who you are. It begins with a poem about terminal illness and hopelessness and ends with a poem about spirit. It shows the lowest point in life, after that they all get slowly happier. From poems about boys to poems about girls. From poems about struggle and love to poems about social issues. A progression as a writer and a progression as a person. This collection of poems is cohesive in the sense that it doesn't have a central topic other than humanity. Struggles and success and sexual orientation and gender and acceptance. This collection showcases being human. Read poems on first page, click older posts, and repeat until you get to the end.

Thoughts Of The Terminally Ill

I'm crying and I'm dying
But you don't think I'm trying
You don't understand
As you're holding my hand
I'm slowly slipping away
Farther and farther each day
I know when I part
I'll have broken your heart
Leaving only mangled pieces
I'm so sorry to say
I just can't live this way
It's getting harder to breathe
Edging closer to my time to leave
I should never have let you love me


I'm bathing in the darkness
Of my pain and dysphoria
I feel like it's hopeless
I know I'm a goner

As I rip out my hair
Trying to find a way out
A way out of this
This hazy daze
That occupies my days

I feel weary and dreary
Even I've begun to fear me

I don't know what to do
When everything is due
And I haven't even started
I wish you hadn't departed

As the anxiety fills up
Overflowing the cup
Past its maximum capacity
How could I let this get past me

I should have just gone to sleep
Inside the darkness that creeps

Both disturbing and calming my mind


I am a superhero
With the power of love
The power to change
Hearts and minds
On the street where we stand
I can reach for her hand
Crash my lips against hers
Without a single word

And neither can breathe
As we're drowned in a sea
That's made up of applause
And thank god
That the power of love
Is held high above
Any other

Everyone is a superhero
You don't need strength or to fly
When in everyone's eyes
The power to love and be loved
Is one of a kind

I don't need to levitate
Or have super speed
But I have to appreciate
The power of loving freely

The ability to care
Running fingers through hair
Watching her sitting there
And I finally see
How lucky I must be
For her to give this superpower to me


She's like freshly laid snow
So pure and peaceful
A picture of pristine innocence
A pretty pearly white perfection

Part of me wants to corrupt her beauty
To play in the snow forever
Leaving footprints in her
As I have my fun

Another part of me wants to protect her
To shield her from the feet of children
To keep them from ruining her
And make sure I don't destroy her

She's so fragile and gorgeous
The sleet cutting through her
Like my words on a dark night
After too little sleep and too much to drink

But try as I may, others have found her
They haven't protected her from the rain
They played with her and changed her
Until my love has turned to slush

She finds it hard to be beautiful
When she's the remnants of what was
Once perfect crystalline skin
Is now melted in the park

She goes away awhile
And makes her return as rain
Giving life to new flowers
Now creating beauty

I love the gorgeous rain of spring
And the puddles she leaves behind
But kids keep turning her into mud
And splash her water wide

I'll keep her safe as long as I can
And protect her innocent beauty
Until people decide to play in her
But she's still beautiful to me


Trapped in this house
A house that isn't home
Trapped by my family
And feeling alone

Trapped in this body
That doesn't feel like mine
I don't know how I've done it
After all this time

My skin is a prison
And I'm locked inside
Weighed down by dysphoria
That's haunting my mind

No longer pretty porcelain
Nor fragile ceramic doll
I've grown new and tougher skin
That won't shatter if I fall

So let me go into the world
As who I truly am
Maybe someday in the future

We'll be okay again

A Letter To The Boy I Fall For

His nails are like glass
Moving smoothly against skin
Cut me slowly before class
He says he loves me again

Please forgive me

He will caress my fragile bones
though my heart is made of stone
But I can't make it on my own
His arms are now my home

Please forgive me

His body is like a temple
and it shouldn't go to waste
It feels too much to handle
To see the look upon his face

"I'm gay"

Please forgive me

I feel I've done him wrong
It gets darkest before dawn
So I put my facade on
Pretend every girl is gone

Please forgive me

Because my hands are in her hair
And I can't look in your eyes
I only blush when she stares
I hate living these lies

Please forgive me

We're getting married now you see
Think how much happier I'd be
If you had just left me
To fall for the girl down the street

Please forgive me